Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2nd part from Ron Ben Israel's master class Sugar flowers!

(Sorry it took me so long- s many unplanned things interrupted... ) So without further ado-
I really have to start with a SCOOP! Ron Ben Israel is practicing his dance moves once again and has been seen dancing with a partner, Decmber 2010, in Israel! 
I obviously can't leave you with just that so here are the photos to prove my scoop:
Returning to the dance floor?

I actually have a few more,  but I think these will do...

If you're wondering what Ron was doing, he was actually explaining the form of his sugar rose, and how the leaves entwine together. 

Ron dusting the roses- 1st the cornflour and then the colors, this prevents color stains, a great solution for a big dusting problem.

In this photo you can see Ron's hands working on a sweet pea sugar bud. 
The great thing about the sweet pea he taught us, was theamazing all-in-1 cutter. 

I created many sweet pea sugar flowers for cakes, such as you can see in this sweet pea fairy cake, but they take soooo long to do, especially considering that it's a rather simple flower, that's suppose to be a filler flower in bouquets. 
you can probably imagine how happy I was to learn that each flower will only take me about 5 minutes, from now on!

Ron also showed us how to finalize the poppy sugar flower, I never considered it to be used for cakes, because the poppies we have here are cultivated and therefore much smaller and less interesting (to me, anyway) - here you can what I would usually see in nature:

In the following photos, you can the poppies Ron Ben Israel taught us- which are based on the cultivated poppy flower, they are truly impressive and stunning!

(in the photos you can Ron's flowers of course...)

And last, but not least, Ron taught us how to create a sugar flower called Lisianthus. I have a special place in my heart for that flower because at my wedding, the center pieces on the tables included roses and lisianthus flowers. They are actually very easy to create, which is great because they can totally be the main flower in a bouquet or just laid down on a cake. they come in many colors and have a great look. unfortunately I didn't get any good photos from this one so you'll just have to wait to see my finalized demo cake.
Time was very short so we didn't get to do much regarding decorating the cake, during the class; But I took it back to my studio and finished the cake. But that's for another post.

Cake Away !

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