Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A puzzling cake

I did debat with my self (again?!) if the topic name had lost it's charm..
But nah, I decided to go with it anyway, (I like it).

On my last post I covered the proccess of creating the puzzle pieces for the puzzle cake.

Here's the cake, finallized, at the wedding hall as promised.
What do you think? does it feel like the pieces are falling out of the puzzle box?

Puzzle wedding cake

Do you like my cake design?

View of the open box with the falling puzzle pieces
Til' next time!

Cake away



  1. I think this is amazing. What did you use to make the puzzle pieces?

    1. Hi, Thank you :) I created my own cookie cutter. I was actually planning on writing about it in a future post. Would you like to learn how to do that?

  2. Awesome! thanks for sharing such an adorable pictures i am very happy to to read and watch your post kindly do share more articles for us .

  3. Hi essayace review,
    Thanks! I hope I get around to writing more in the near future.



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