Wednesday, November 13, 2013

sculpting with food

It is no secret that sculpting with gum paste, fondant or candy clay is sculpting with food. 

But these media all follow the same guidelines - kneading some of the material at hand then transforming it into a new object, from flowers to animals to people. 

I've been using these media for over 15 years, and I love working with them, but I'm always fascinated when I see other food used to create one of a kind sculptures. 

Such as cheese:
Hey Bob!


Pumpkin carving:
Soo cool!
artist at work


Or mosaic candy portraits:
Guess who?

who Am I ?
I always admire this type of art work, because I find it much more challenging to create a figure by carving. You need to imagine each part of your subject and you can't go wrong. Or replace what you've already carved...
In art pictures created from candy, you have to spend quite some time arrainging the colors correctly with ready made pieces. That seems like a real hassle.

Yesterday I visited the 30th annual International Exhibition for Food and Beverage. 
I enjoyed it as in previous years, but it was the first time I had a chance to see up-close the work of a chef that is also a sculptor, Shimon Ben ami. He sculpts in Margarine! 

Mostly he had photos portraying his work, but I didn't take any of them due to their quility. However, he also had a great sculpture of Shimon Peres the Israeli President

In the following photo you can see the sculpture the sculptor and the photo of Shimon Peres. 

shimon & Shimon 

The resemblance is amazing. I really looked the way he handles the Margarine. He didn't smooth it as you would regularly see in other works created from Margarine or Butter, he gave it a rough look, similar to bronze sculptures. 
Do you sculpt in food other then the sugar collection?

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