Monday, August 1, 2011

Remember The Puzzle cake?

If you haven't seen it yet, this is it!

I've been decorating cakes for many years, (over 15 as a hobby and over 6 as a business) I must say that I have the most amazing customers! (mainly brides, and sometimes the bride's moms)
Most of them call me a few days after the wedding, or drop a line to tell me how great their wedding cake was.

That really makes me happy,  I gotta tell you, even after sooo many cakes, I always have the jitters and never truly relax until I know everything went well. (hubby, that's why I have so much white hair!)

Once in a while, I get really fun reviews that are even more exciting than usual!
I got one of those today ! yeh-y!
I felt like sharing, it with you, if you decorate cakes, cookies or occupay in any business that involves working with people, I'm sure you can relate.

so, here goes:

"Dear Sharon,
I am sending you two photographs of Leora and Ran with the wonderful wedding cake you made for them!

Everyone who tasted it said how good it was.

It also looked fantastic and turned out exactly as we discussed beforehand.

I would heartily recommend your cakes to anyone who wants something original, impressive, and tasty. 
So thank you.


Hedva Rechtman"
Leora & Ran about to cut their wedding cake

Til' next time
Cake away!


  1. Great cake and very creative!! It is VERY nice to receive good feedback from your customer. I don't know why some don't think of it. It means alot to us cake decorators!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey texgrammy1,
    I wasn't sure about this post, but my best friend (who is a designer herself, not cakes though) said that other designers will totally get it. I'm so glad you feel this way :) tnx

  3. My daughter sat in church (of all places) and drew a picture of what she wanted for her wedding cake. This is SO CLOSE to that picture!! It's even in her wedding colors! Great work!! I hope we can find a way to make this happen

  4. Cool! did you get around to creating that cake?
    I'd love to see it!



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