Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The 27th international exhibition for .....food and beverage Part 2

Lets continue our tour at the exhibition:

Iris and I continued our walk and we saw these very unique looking wine bottles. We tasted the wine that was really good, and then we saw this vendor has other special things.
Aren't these great bottles?

He offered us a taste of preserved walnuts with their nutshell. It was amazing! can you imagine eating a walnut shell? it was soft and chewy. This is how they look like

The black ones, are walnuts in their shells
 And then we saw these special ice-creams made from goat cheese. We were rather full at this point, so we skipped on trying them but I must say I never tried pomegranate ice cream.
pomegranate icecream

I really liked the way this cake looks, it reminded me of a national cheese cake contest I participated in, in 2001 (I won 2nd place! and my prize was 800$ and a basket filled with dairy products) of of the contestants created a lemon bomb cheese cake that looked very similar to this cake.
After seeing and trying so many cakes we got really thirsty so we stopped at a vendor that passed around consumable water bottles. 

However the water was warm so we went looking for ice and we found it:
check out this guy's cheek the blurry line is the ice
This is a machine that makes ice and spits it out quickly.

To warp it up, macaroons are really great cookies, but this photo was amazing, so I couln't resist. Iris, a bit tired from a long walk and tastings agreed to pose with the macaroons.

 I hope you enjoyed this on line tour.


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