Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ron Ben Israel styled wedding cake

A few months ago I posted about my exeperiance in Ron Ben Israel's master class for wedding cakes.
You can check it out here

I also told you how I've finished my mockup / fake wedding cake using his guidelines to create an amazing wedding cake.

At first I really didn't know what to do with it because my cake studio has no more space to keep extra mockup cakes.

So, when I told the guys at "touch food" (the boutique food chain, where I teach cake decorating) that I created a special cake and I kindda don't have a spot for it they begged me to bring it to the store....
I was total for it, and to show their gratitude, they even built a special shelf, just for the cake.

Gladly that cake is proudly presented and has many good effects-I get more cake orders and more classes. That cake does so much work for me!

(for all of you that do this for a living or just a part time, I truly recommend placing a fake cake at a local bakery or event hall, along with your contact information in order to boost orders!)

So here is my very own first version of a wedding cake with Ron Ben Israel's roses, actually I made all the flowers, but they were created based on Ron's excellent methods. in addition you can see I added a vareity of flowers, many of them based on Ron's methods as well.


sugar flowers: peony, sweet pea, jasmin, lisianthus

the orange sugar flower you can't see from this angel, is the Poppy

til' next time, cake away !



  1. Beautiful wedding cakes. Love it! It's simplicity makes it elegant and unique. Thumbs up for this.

  2. wow... this is lovely



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