Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a cake!

This is going to be a short post, because I think the following article is quite enough.
Here’s a toast to William & Catherine, may their marriage last forever with everlasting love.
I hope they had a tasty cake, it was beautiful!

Check out the cake and crew that worked on it

Just in case, William ordered a second wedding cake from his favorite recipe:
A tea biscuits cake

check out the photos at the top of this page the dark chocolate cake is the tea biscuits cake William ordered.

The tea biscuit cake was actually eaten during a morning coffee-tea-toasting held at the palace.
It was very exciting to tell my kids a prince and princess are about to be married. It blew their mind away. They asked me if we could go see them...
We didn't, obviously, but we watched it on TV and they had so much fun, my youngest daughter said Kate is very pretty and William handsome and she also said that when she marries it will only be to a real prince.

Hope you enjoyed the wedding, and the cake photos, if not a taste.

Cake away


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