Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sometimes a bride comes to my consulting meeting well prepared.
I really enjoy these meetings, hearing from the bride exactly what she wants, helping out with the design when necessary, and creating a cake that I might never have thought of because the style and concept are coming from someone else.

We sat down with her mom to decide on the cake design. She already knew she wanted a cake based on her very special and unique invitation. The invitation is a story in itself and I thought you might want to hear it- the bride Liat is a very artsy person. She loves design and beautiful things.

While looking for an idea for a wedding invitation, her aunt called from London to tell her that she found an amazing idea for her (her aunt is very artsy herself). She found a gift card sold at one of the leading store chains in the UK. Actually the cover was the interesting part. Her aunt sent her a photo and she fell in love… 

This is the invitations envelope (I know it doesn't look like much, but it was really hard to capture the beauty and unique ness of the colors. The white dots in the background are almost invisible...
Her aunt contacted the stores management and asked to buy about 200 pieces, but they said that there is only a limited amount and they can’t sell her that amount.

Obviously Liat her mom and aunt were really frustrated because they were sure all was lost (and you know how it is when you really want something it’s very difficult to choose something else and be thrilled about it). But then they figured out a way to do it anyway!

The frustrated aunt went back to the store and looked at the gift card and then she understood it was a card that can be bought for any sum from 1£ and up (that’s about 1 ½ bucks)
So she ended up buying 200 gift cards for a total of 200£…

Though, that wasn’t the end of it!
Liat’s mom flew over to pick up the important delivery and make sure it arrives home safely. After that they had to remove the back of the cover (it had an advertisement) finally they glued a new back created by a professional printing company, and instead of the gift card they placed an invitation.

Well, back to the cake- Liat wanted to have elements from the invitation on her cake.
The background was light apple green with white polka dots. The front had a special design combined with rich peachy-pink roses and two swallows. 

This is a photo taken in my studio (hence the background) the colors here are closeset to the real actual cake. This was one of the most difficult attempts to photo a cake. 
For the drawen roses and decoration I used special edible paper to save time and money. The sugar roses were made in consistency to the roses in the invitation.

The swallows
The cake placed at the wedding hall a couple of hours before the wedding starts (you can see how the light changes the colors on the cake)
I never created a green wedding cake before, and if you’d ask me, I’d probably say “a green wedding cake? Are you sure?” but I rally love the way this cake turned out, and so did Liat!

I hope this will inspire you to test your boundaries and realize that there are no limits!

Mazal tov Liat and Sagi 

And to all you cake decorators, Cake away ! until next time


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