Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Floral dreams

We created a new Wedding cake- I called it white floral dreams

This wedding cake was truly a challenge!

A really cute couple met with me a couple of months ago for a consulting, they wanted to choose the perfect wedding cake. The problem was they had no clue as to what they want…

Sometimes when a couple doesn’t know exactly what cake design they want I discuss with them things they already decided about such as the wedding theme or theme colors, the brides wedding gown or fabric, the invitation design, the location etc’  
Usually that helps finding a direction or at least a better idea of their preferences, thus enabling me to get closer to designing the perfect cake for them.

I have to say that once I saw their wedding invitation I had an exact image of their cake (luckily that happens some times).
It was a real lifesaver. Once I explained the idea they loved it. (Thank god!)

Looking at the flowers on their invitation, at first glance I thought they are Lotuses, after taking a longer look I realized they are actually Peonies that are one of my favorite flowers. I was really thrilled about this chance to create the flowers because up to this point I only practiced creating them but haven’t actually used them on any cake.

Another challenge was creating the 2d flowers on the cake sides. I had to create special one-time cutters to achieve perfect and identical cuts each and every time. So I created 3 detailed cutters: a flower, a leaf and a spiral shape. The flower was the one that had the most details and was the hardest to create.
At times you need to do something that seems time consuming at that moment but saves you a lot of time in the future. This was the reason for the cutters. If I would have attempted to create each piece by hand (cutting it with a knife individually) it would take me forever and I would never achieve the clean accurate look I was aiming for.

So with no further ado, this is their wedding cake!

Congratulations Mira and Noam!

Cake away!


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