Sunday, June 12, 2011

Here we go!! Eilat

This weekend we took some time off and went on a beach vavction in the southest city in Israel, Eilat.

It's an amazing place, a touristic city of course, with great beaches, resturants, water sports and more. But the best thing by far is the red sea. (the name comes from the mountains surronding the sea, called the red mountains).
We share the sea with Jordan and Eygpt.

The sea is a real nature resereve, with so many amazing types of fish and corals, it is truly astonishing.
how cool is this garbage can!
look what I found in the equarium!
There is a place called the underwater observatory marine park, where you can see most if not all of the fish in pools and aquariums.

The biggist attraction is however the actuall underwater observatory- a building built in the sea, covered with coralsin the water. you can climb the stairs to the top and enjoy the view of the sea and mountains that surround you, or descent to the bottom, (using stairs as well), where you can walk in the round cell looking through glass windows and watching the fish and corals in their natural habitat.
Actually whenever we go there I kinda feel as if i'm in an aquerium and the fish are looking at me...

We also went to the Dolphin reef to see Dolphins as close as possible and take some time to build sand castels.
a thirsty dolphin

In the evening we went to a great show called WOW on ice, If you get  a chance to visit Eilat I highly recommend going to see it.

I loved how the costume designer combined fish into the costums of the skaters.
That was really inspiring and now I would really love to create a cake with some beautiful fish and corals.

So how's this- my husband has a birthday in about a week, I have three wedding cakes to prepare this week so I won't have much time, but will try to plan and design a special sea cake for him. He was actually born in Eilat and loves the sea and everything concerning the sea.
If I do find the time- you guys will be the first to know...(he does read my blog, but this week he will be sooo busy I hope he'll miss it...)

It was a wonderful vacation, a bit short, but that always leaves a taste for more.

Til' next time

Cake away

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